I have always suffered from severe acid reflux and indigestion often very severe and have used several prescriptions and over the counter meds to treat my condition. I had heard that extreme X2O could aid in relieving me of these symptoms so after about a month of using the product, I realized that my acid reflux had absolutely disappeared.  This alone has been such a relief for me, if I miss a day or two without using the product, I can definitely tell the difference. Additionally, the hydration that extreme X2O provides is amazing, as a volunteer firefighter, I noticed that during intense trainings, and even during our last incident, I did not get the normal muscle cramps, and soreness that usually comes with this type of intense workouts. It is simply amazing as to how something as simple as a little sachet added to your water can change your life! Thank you Xooma!



I am a senior and although I'm pretty healthy I have my challenges just because of aging and all the toxins I have ingested.  I have had an acid reflux problem for about a year and was on a strong Rx medicine which I had to take every night.  Only a few days after starting to drink Xooma water I was able to stop the medication and have had no symptoms since.  The other amazing benefit from drinking Xooma is my hypertension problem.  High blood pressure runs in my family, and for the past 7 years have been on blood pressure medication, 100 mg of Hyzar a day.  About a month after starting to drink Xooma I noticed my blood pressure was getting lower and lower.  So I cut the meds in half, and it's staying down, I may be able to stop the meds entirely!  I am absolutely thrilled with these results, but I have also experienced increased energy and clarity in thinking.  I know my blood is cleaner because of the Xooma water and is flowing freely through my body.  Thank God for Xooma!

Have a wonderful day!
Myra Break

When I first received my X2O product the first day I drank one bottle with one bag. The next day a drank another bottle with one bag. Besides the pain that is now gone from my back I also have been able to stop the numerous Tagamets that I took every day for Chronic Acid Indigestion.  This has been a great relief to me.

Dr. David Winslow, Dallas, TX

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