Does Xtreme X2O Really Work?

Have you been asked this question yet? If not, you WILL be. "Seeing" is believing!

Below are phase contrast microscope (magnified 45,000x) which "show" the difference X2O made in this blood analysis.

This microscope photo shows live blood under a phase contrast microscope (initially identified as a dark-field microscope) just seconds after it was sampled from a finger. It shows a condition that many Americans have, called blood rouleau where red blood cells stick together and stack like coins. The cells get less oxygen and movement through capillaries is slowed. The cause is poor digestion and undigested fat and protein in the blood.

Immediately after drawing the first sample, The person drank their first X2O--one quart of X2O treated water with two sachets. The second photo is of a sample drawn a half hour after they drank this treated water. The red blood cells become larger and are separated and free flowing. Nothing else was ingested and there was no other treatment of any kind.

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