Sept. 2004 – Very active, played 18 holes of golf 3 times per week, loved to garden and did my own housework, cooking, etc. Considered myself healthy all my life.

Oct.-Nov. 2004 – After being treated with four different antibiotics for pneumonia, finally an x-ray revealed I had cancer in both lungs.

Dec. 2004 – went to a cancer specialist, who took a C/T scan and PET scan showing the cancer had spread thru the lymph nodes to the chest area, rib, hip, and spine. I had Stage 4 cancer which was so widespread my only option was chemotherapy. I started chemo treatments the end of Dec. and weekly treatments throughout the year 2005. After each treatment I became weaker and weaker. I also continued taking various vitamins and herbs, and changed my diet.

I was still very weak in August when I heard about X2O. We purchased distilled or drinking water by the gallon and started a low sugar/low saturated fat diet. Just before Christmas 2005, I was told I was in remission! What a great gift from God!

Now, in April of 2006, I am slowly regaining my strength and my husband and I are beginning a new life at age 78. We are continuing a healthy diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables and had a water purifier installed on the kitchen faucet. We are both drinking X2O daily – it’s a terrific product which I believe has contributed greatly in helping rebuild my body after a whole year of chemo treatments.

Evelyn Nilson

Hot Springs Village, AR

I was very excited to try the Xooma. I had been battling with cancer for the past 3 years. I feel great some days, and others I had no energy. When I received the X20 I instantly started craving more water.  I had a short time of de-toxing, but now I have lots of energy. My counts are the best they have been in 3 years.   I know when I run now; I do not have chronic pain as I had in the past. I will be drinking X20 when I’m 100!


My 84 year old father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer the end of July 2005 - at that time the doctors were giving him 3-5 months to live and basically sent him home to die. After the shock of that wore off, I remembered a conversation that I had had with Gary who I had met while delivering his Xooma supplies to him about how the Xooma seemed to help his wife after she had been diagnosed with cancer.

I asked my dad if he would be interested in trying it and he said sure because at this point he had nothing to lose, so we drove over to Gary’s and he set dad up on an auto-ship and explained in detail how my dad should use the product. (this was in September 2005) He has been faithfully using the “tea bags” ever since.

He had been having some back pain, so the doctor did a bone scan, liver profile and a new CT scan of dad’s lungs - the doctor was convinced the cancer had spread. We got the results and there was, no cancer in the bone, no cancer in the liver and the spots on his lungs have not changed in 6 months!!! All the doctor could say is “frankly. I have no explanation” and told my dad to go ahead and buy some green bananas - that was their little joke, not to buy green bananas because dad might not live long enough for them to ripen.

Another benefit I believe came from the use of Xooma is that dad was able to go off all of his blood pressure meds - he had been on them for years - and without the meds his blood pressure is staying right around 135/70. He has gone back to driving, casinoing, and visiting friends and we firmly believe it is due to Xooma. Thanks Gary and Xooma for giving me my dad back.

Lori Gochee

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