I am a 50 yr old female that like many others out there have always suffered from severe regularity problems. The General Manager where I work had told me that he had something he wanted me to try, some kind of water purification product, I thought yeah yeah ok....I will take it.  At the time he just told me about the relief he had received from acid reflux, something else I have battled with. So he gave me some samples, I tried it for about a week, and to my surprise, my life long condition of irregularity was getting much much better.  I originally just chalked it up as just being a coincidence, until I quit using the product for a week and got back in the same condition as before. After going ahead and committing to an autoship of the product and being consistent in my usage, to my surprise, I continue to have relief from my acid reflux as well as I have received great relief with my condition that so many women suffer from, irregularity.  Thank you Xooma for a much needed relief from a condition that women all over the world suffer from!!

S. Sheldon


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